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MeineKlinik App

Cross-sector organization and communication between specialists in the patient’s treatment cycle are oftentimes fraught with major obstacles. In order to solve this, cardiologist had the idea to develop an app which optimizes intra- and inter-disciplinary communication and scheduling in patient care. In addition, the app facilitates collaboration among all those involved in patient care within and across sectors.

The app is used to simplify and structure appointment bookings for services in the hospital, and enables easy communication between doctors. By doing so, the app is a huge benefit for the hospitals, the referring physicians in private practices, and the patients who experience a better organized treatment.

We are passionate about the idea of counteracting the loss of information at the interface of disciplines and sectors in the treatment of patients. Our contribution to this project included the founding of the company, the creation of a business plan, the identification of and cooperation with the software developers, the implementation of a successful test phase with over 20 referring cardiologists, the investment of human and financial resources, and the search for further investors.

If you have a software idea but don’t know where to start, then contact us. Let’s have a conversation and we’ll see how to bring your concept on the European market together as partners.