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Hawthorne Effect

Accurate and complete data is the key to medical innovation. But the risk of patients being lost to follow-up in clinical trials and therefore late or missing data is extremely high. That’s where Hawthorne Effect comes into the equation: It is an innovative healthcare approach with origin in the Unites States, that has established a unique methodology to improve data collection and medical research. The goal is to make clinical trials accessible and convenient for everyone, everywhere.

By bringing this healthcare model to Europe, we want to make clinical trials more accessible, detached from geography-limited patient enrollment. But how? A big network of healthcare professionals visits clinical trial participants at home, at the office or at a local clinic to do the follow-up. Therefore, patients are freed of the pressure to travel to wherever the investigator has its headquarter. We have been building up a network of so-called HEROS that are the foundation of this unique approach. It helps investigators to complete their clinical trials, gives patients a better follow-up experience and helps our HEROS to gain new experiences with the benefit of additional income.

You are interested in becoming a HERO and would like to become a part of our team? Great news. We look forward to getting to know you!